Would a 1 point deduction cure eye poke problem?

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                                Would a 1 point deduction cure eye poke problem?

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                    <p>Eye pokes are, well, a poke in the eye of mixed martial arts. The gloves haven&#39;t changed but for reasons that are not conclusively understood, the past couple of years have seen an unfortunate spate of them.</p>

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan spoke about the problem recently on his JRE podcast, and said that he has discussed the issue with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC president Dana White.

Many have voiced the opinion that the gloves are to blame. But the gloves haven't changed. And when Bellator tried new gloves to lessen the risk of a broken hand, on the second match of the first card to ever use the new gloves, there was an eye poke.

White and Fertitta are of the mind that gloves don't poke eyes, (some) fighters do. And according to Rogan, they would like to see a point deduction for an eye poke.

"There's a lot of people that have some really strong feelings about the shape of the [UFC] gloves right now and that they're contributing to eye pokes," said Rogan as transcribed by David St. Martin for MMAfighting.

"I've had some recent conversations with Dana White and with Lorenzo Fertitta and they're of the opinion, I think, that the fighters need to be penalized more because the gloves have been the same for a long time, but back in the day, [eye pokes] weren't nearly as much of an issue."

Take a point away for an eye poke could very, very well mean the offending fighter loses, but that could be the incentive to control where your fingers go.

"It happens," said Rogan. "Guys get poked in the eye. It seems like it's inevitable but Dana's opinion is that they should be penalized. Every time there's an eye poke, one point. It's pretty harsh, but you wouldn't do it."

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Probably, yeah. The fighters would have to be EXTREMELY careful and make changes if needed to reduce all risk of eyepokes. They can't go around losing points.

The gloves could be changed but you don't want to reduce the mobility of fingers and hands IMO. The UFC gloves are good for submission grappling. Phone Post 3.0

I think if it happens with a guy trying to range and stop another guy from approaching them then yes -1 point.

An eye poke can alter the outcome of a fight, and if they actually penalize it then guys will stop doing it.

Same goes for grabbing the cage, I get that it's a natural thing to do but if you lose points for it people will train themselves to not do it.

BELLATOR GLOVES better design Phone Post 3.0

John jones would have a few losses if this were the case. Phone Post 3.0

Daron Cruickshank has permanent eye damage from the KJ Noons fight. kj isn't a known cheater and it was accident but 100% he would have been more careful in the fight since he poked daron twice

be strict with the rules AND improve the gloves

yes automatic 1 point accidental or not. Some guys use it as a get one free, kinda like a groin shot

CapnKindBud - 
xsrg95 - Daron Cruickshank has permanent eye damage from the KJ Noons fight. kj isn't a known cheater and it was accident but 100% he would have been more careful in the fight since he poked daron twice
He poked Daron twice when he was losing. The eyepokes were the things that prevented Noons from getting his ass beat.
I think that Noons should've been dq'd. I don't see how you can cheat twice and the second time it ends the fight but you don't lose!! That's bullshit. There needs to be heavy penalties for this shit.
The UFC screwed Daron out of win money there ... I hope that they give him a rematch. Although I doubt that Noons wants to. Phone Post 3.0

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still thinks the UFC does the officiating.

There's no way it wouldn't fix the problem. The first time you get your 20k fight bonus taken away because you can't close your hands, is the last time you keep your hands open. Phone Post 3.0

I'd like to see this rule implemented. Phone Post 3.0

At the UFC 161 meet and greet with Dana, I brought up this topic to Dana and got pretty vocal that a point should be taken. I wonder if I put a bug in his ear. Funny thing is I don't know if I feel as strongly about now as I did then as there have been some mild, clearly accidental ones on the recent PPV, but they were not from outstretched fingers so much as a thumb hitting the eye while punching IIRC Phone Post 3.0

King Of All Tenors - BELLATOR GLOVES better design Phone Post 3.0

I believe the UFC now has the exclusive sponsorship with Everlast so it might not be long.

We need more point deductions in MMA, grabbing the fence should be immediate 1 point deductions regardless of context. Nut shots and eye pokes are a little tougher to judge intent.

Yes, immediate point, accidental or not. It's much different than a nut shot, which may cause discomfort for the next few minutes, in rare cases, it may end the match, but no careers are at stake. With eye pokes, we have seen different and far more serious outcomes.

Gloves need to be redesigned, Dana and co. are being stubborn.

it sure would cure the poke problem and it's completely fair. A poke can certainly change the fight and secure the pokers ability to edge out the win for the round thus giving him the point for the round

John Dougherty - I'd like to see this rule implemented. Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

During that JRE linked above with Justin Joe brings out the PrideFC Gloves, which are almost identical weight wise to current UFC issue but naturally curve the fingers while at rest. So, in order to Jones someone (see what I did there?) the fighter would actually have to straighten the fingers, not just throw a relaxed hand out. That might well be enough to to reduce the actual accidental pokes at least.

Might not make a difference, and Pride was a different animal than the UFC, but how many eyepokes, 'accidental' or otherwise happened? I can't remember one.

notsobigmike - I'd still like to see one warning for eye pokes or cage grabbing, but after that, point deductions, and definitely a DQ if it ends the fight.

Pride style curved gloves and this would eliminate this problem.

Will make it worse potentially. What was once not an eye poke will become one considering some good acting will lead to a potential win.