Would a prime bas rutten beat A.Silva or JBJ?

He could of made 185lbs and been a huge mw but also he could of made 205lbs whilst being a decent size but he had a nasty standup game along with a decent submission game he learnt in pancrase.

He did struggle against randleman but he was jacked up and much bigger, i think he could of beat either in his prime especially if he developed decent takedown defense. Phone Post 3.0

..... Phone Post 3.0

Don't go full retard Phone Post 3.0


was he funny? some stand ups are pretty hilarious.

vincan469 - was he funny? some stand ups are pretty hilarious.

What are you talking about?

Anderson, no, Jones... maybe. Phone Post

Bas would WFA the fuck out of em. Phone Post

Prime Bas with today's coaching/techniques?
Very possible. Phone Post 3.0

No but a prime WFA would Phone Post

Hed hurt Anderson....need better wrestling for jones Phone Post

Adulterous_Zucchini -

A prime Bas Rutten wouldn't even make it into the top ten of any division he could make the weight for

Watch out... You'll be crucified for this statement . Phone Post 3.0

Bas would have kicked some serious ass. Not sure if would be the champ but he would give them tough fights. Phone Post