Would an RV park be a good business?

Here on Kauai more and more people are renting campers and some people are living in busses and trailers. There aren’t many legal places to park those things. I figure I could have some land with water, power, and septic connections and make a pretty good profit per stall. I’ve never stayed at a camp site on the mainland but they aren’t much cheaper than a motel room.

Gonna stink like shit for miles.

That’s why we call RVers shitwafters up here.

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Fire Burning GIF by Taylor Swift

One mans shit is another mans bread and butter

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Im looking into it myself (staying at a park, not owning one). So I have a 40’ 5thwheel. to park it with water/sewer/ 50amp power/ cable and wifi, it is 750-800$ / month with parking for 1 vehicle with your trailer. Seems like a good amount of money. And they are booked solid.

My son lives on the house I built and he was renting a flat spot of the property for 600 a month, water and cesspool hookup

Depends on if you are near something people take their RV’s to.

When gas and oil took off here, there was an old piece of land that used to be a trailer park ages ago that was wiped out by a flood. The land owner quickly converted it into an RV park and made a killing on the workers. As soon as they moved on, his business tanked, but I’m sure he made a nice chunk during those years.

Well we live on a small island so there are mountain trails, beaches, and scenery everywhere

Zoning is going to be a major hurdle. We lived across the street from a nice place in the mountains with a pond and about 20 spots, probably only ever had 10 full at its max, but the owner talked about how hard it would be to expand, or to provide longer than 2 week rentals.
He was happy to pass the headache on when they sold.

Franchise a Yogi Bear Jellystone park.


We use them all the time.