Would anybody buy this?

bluenamer help please:


The original for all Dr Rhythm machines! Boss Dr Rhythm DR-55 was the first drummachine from Roland with the name Boss 1979. The retail price list for a Dr-55 was back in 1st of January 1982 $195. It has four sounds, one mono output and can be controlled with control pulses from outside (DBS or CSQ). DR-55 is powered by4 1,5 battery (6V).

Dr-55 including three programmable sounds:
- Snare
- Rimshot
- Bassdrum

It also has a fourth pre-programmed sound:
- Hihat

The hihat is pre-programmed in 3 modes:
- No Hihat
- 8th
- 16th

Rhythm patterns can be saved on 8 places with this cycles:
- 6 patterns with 8th and 16th
- 2 patterns with 12th

it is a classic, original (1979) w/box and working-

I'm sure some dumbass would buy it, but not me.

Thats old school!

only as a conversation piece.

Shit, I've still got and old Roland Drumatix and Bassline pair(rhythym units that could be syncronized).
Maybe I should see if they are collectors items! ;)