Would anyone be interested in an altitude tent?

Hello -

I just moved here from FL and have an altitude tent that I do not use anymore. It's a tent and generator (made by Altitude Tech), goes up to 10500 ft. I put it over my bed and slept in it but the tent is big enough for a aerodyne or other cardio equipment. Im selling it is I blew out a couple discs in my back and can't train at all anymore.

If anyone is interested I can provide more technical details on the unit itself. Feel free to hit me up or ask any questions.


Is it a hyperbaric chamber?

"Is it a hyperbaric chamber?"

It is the opposite of a hyperbaric chamber, where as a hyperbaric chambers are built to deliver MORE oxygen to you, this is designed to deliver you less. Just as if you were to live at a higher altitude, say 14,000ft, there is less oxygen in the air for your body. In turn your body produces more red blood cells to compensate and carry more oxygen in your blood. More air, more gas in the tank, it's a great tool. Extra easy cardio, all you need to do is sleep in it or ride a stationary bike in it.