Would commissions allow one night tourneys if. . .

Each fight consisted of a single 5 minute round? Winner moves on to the next round.

The UFC could put on a 16 man grand prix in one night. Give a base pay to the fighters that go out the first round, and increase payouts each round, with the lion's share of the purse going to the winner.

They could do one PPV Grand Prix tournament per division per year, make it completely separate from the regular title and rankings (though the idea would be to include fighters from the top of the rankings and work their way down).

I dunno, just a thought that I think would create some buzz for the UFC.

Sure, they can call it UFC: YAMMA #2

they should do yearly tournaments in Japan and have regular US cards as qualifiers

I'd watch the hell out of it. Any tourneys of any kind will attract my attention. Phone Post 3.0

Imagine how many times Anderson would be eliminated by a good wrestler.

Lol sorry, OP. I know you tried and it's a decent idea but I don't think it works.