Would Cung LE vs A Sylva make sence?

Cung LE is probably the biggest Star at 185 outside of UFC.

Him fighting Anderson would be rather interesting, definatelly more interesting then Henderson 2 or Marquat 2.

It would if he weren't pursuing a career as a movie "star" and started being a fucking fighter again.

Sure. I still want Le vs Lawlor.

I see no reason to subject Le to that kind of abuse.

 cung at 170 makes more sense

Le is waaaay overrated that fight doesn't even interest me. In fact Marquardt or Henderson would destroy Le also.
Le is just another Elite XC hype job.

Don't get me wrong I think the guy is extremely talented and I would like to see him tested but to put him on the same level as Silva is just ludicrous.

No one is going to call the OP a moran for misspelling sense? Are you guys okay?


Yes. The 38 year old Cung Le is well prepared to dethrone 'Sylva' with his early 2008 win over old man Shamrock, and his 2007 destruction of all time great Sammy Morgan.

Would a little lesson in spelling hurt you? I mean I don't care...flame away. But jesus, you have been a member of this forum since 2000 following mma, and you still can't spell simple fighters names right? And sense...well that one is self explanatory. I understand what you are saying, and no it would make no sense whatsoever...it's just easier to read when you at least attempt to proofread. Oh, and since when is Cung Le the biggest star outside of the UFC? Did that shit just happen today or something?

Settle the P4P argument. Fight Fedor...would be a great draw IMO

 So beating up an old Shamrock (in the 4th round i believe?) that stubbornly refused to use his ground game, makes Cung le a top 185'er?

I think overrated is the correct term here.

thenaturalbone - Would a little lesson in spelling hurt you? I And sense...well that one is self explanitory.

if you're going to bitch about someone's spelling, make sure you spell explanatory correctly

MMArijuana - No one is going to call the OP a moran for misspelling sense? Are you guys okay?

No more so than misspelling "silva"

 damn you public school education!!!!!!!

He doesn't deserve it, ranking wise... but I'd pay to see it. I think he has a better chance than most people give him credit for.

Cung Le is an overrated hype machine paper champion.

I used to clamor for a Le v. Silva match, but when you factor in his layoff and how impressive Silva has looked of late, I don't think it would be much of a competition. Plus Le is like 5'7".

Cung Le in no way deserves this fight.

intentional frate trane

p.s. anderson would rape cung le