Would have dos santos beat cain in pride

If you remember cains first takedowns that he missed and then would lay on ground with head wide open.

In pride would have Dos Santos booted cains head in

Personally i hate when rules obviously make a fighter that would be finished in a street fight not get finished

Normally, the way mma fight goes is how a real fight goes.  But instances like someone turning there head , or laying on ground, or putting arm on ground so they cant be kneed or kicked its ridiculess

Like when sakara hit cote in back of head, I am like in any real fight thats what would have happened.

OP has watched the movie Blood Sport a few to many times. I agree with what your saying but only to an extent. Some rules like 12-6 elbows and not being able to kick or knee the opponent in the head when they place a hand On the ground need to be done away with. But to say "Like when sakara hit cote in back of head, I am like in any real fight thats what would have happened."
This is not a "real" fight in that sense. These are professional athletes with families. it's sure easy for you to say those should be legal shots. Who cares if a guy damages his brain stem, becomes a quadriplegic or dies. But why stop there? Lets just make groin shots, eye gouging, small joint locks and biting legal too, since in any "real" fight that's what would have happened.

But grabbing the shorts and the fence need to stay illegal! Phone Post

But then again, who didn't watch Blood Sport a few to many times. Phone Post

need to change a downed.opponent to someone who is flat on thier back or stomach.

it prevents a "perfect storm" possible killshot, and it prevemts people puttimg a limb down for an advantage. Phone Post

I kept hoping JDS was going to spin and time the kick...
In Pride, might have been different.
Should ask shogun or wand. Phone Post

A lot of people reading too much into Cain's strategy. Besides, Cain wins pride rules via soccer kicks to the mouth. Phone Post

Would Cain have a more diverse GnP game in Pride than he does now? That might make the difference. Phone Post

Yes because in Pride they also allow punches too. Phone Post

Azn Keyboard Warrior - I know how u feel, the one hand on the floor is some next bs. It should only be downed opponent if on knees or all 4 limbs touching the ground Phone Post

I agree I hate that one hand crap Phone Post