Would it kill Mauro to get some sun???

And that shaved head didn't help him any either.

No Homo.


Why do you care how he looks? That's pretty homo.

He is annoying as fuck though. He was about to go on another one of his fucken tirades about the Valentijn fight being stopped too early when they showed him tapping in the fucken replay.

It might - he appears a bit vampiric.

 He lives in Canada, the sun doesn't go there.

the UG is full of mma fans who care deeply about the appearances of other men

When a dude thinks another dude is too pale..
He should keep it too himself..

Or risk exposing hes gay. Phone Post

He's from BC.

One ray of sunlight touches us and we're covered in melanoma.

Can't remember who said it on here but..
Lex Leukemia
Funniest shut I've heard regarding the new haircut Phone Post