Would Jake Paul beating Woodley be the most humiliating moment in combat sports history?

Teen Disney star beats UFC champion in 1 on 1 combat. I think this would be even more humiliating than the Benji Radach incident.

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Didn’t know any of this mattered.

Did Woodley have any jobs growing up? McDonald’s maybe?

Then you could make a thread about how a teen Disney star beat up a teen McDonald’s employee.


God I hope Paul wins.


Lefever didn’t have any pro combat experience.

Miro getting buckled with his signature kick has to take the cake


Would a guy who’s trained in boxing for several years beating an MMA guy with a wrestling base competing in boxing, be the most shocking result in combat history?

No, not it wouldn’t.


Me too, I have a few max bets on this clown at -138 and -140 odds

1 tiiiiiiiime

It should be… but I would bet on Paul here…

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No, not at all. Jake Paul is young, athletic and dedicated at the sport of boxing. Woodley is mostly an explosive grappler with very limited boxing skills. Even in his prime in mma he still didn’t have great or even good fundamental boxing skills


Actually Miro is the champ in AEW right now

It’s more embarrassing for MMA that a guy like Brock can just come in in his 30s and win the heavyweight title.

That’s still possible today btw, heavyweight is arguably worse than it was during Brock’s run.

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Not at all considering his wrestling credentials and being a legit 265lb HW.


Sapp beating Hoost, twice.