would leave church if minister...?

What would make you leave a church?

One thing for me would be if I saw the minister smoking...


A lot, probably. But ther's lots of churches, so you can just keep moving til you find something that fits.

I strongly recomend that you find a church that fits.

There are many vain spiritual leaders out there.

There are many things. Im with gotgame here. Find a place you can call home.

IF the minister was not being a part of the community of faith, I would leave.

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Then focus on Jesus and not on all the hypocrites. By focusing on them you become one yourself. Focusing on Jesus helps you to see all the hypocrites in a better Light, as people in need of your prayers, struggling with the same human struggles as you, as your brothers and sisters in Christ.

I don't know about that, Jesus was pretty damn hard on the hypocrites.

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I don't "Go" to church.

Jesus was hard on them out of tough love. He came for all of us, including the hypocrites.

I haven't been to church in a while because it seemed like once a pastor became a bishop, he stopped praying, stopped reading the bible, and became an administrator/ beuarocrat and not a shepherd.

when I see the minister playing politics, I'm out the door

I agree, but in todays modern church the pastor usually is required to have atleast a masters degree, he acts as CEO of a medium sized corporation, he is on call 24/7, he is a counselor, a leader, and a public speaker. He oversees large budgets, many different sub groups, sometimes a very large staff etc.

If you compare that to the secular world most pastors are underpaid. This is not support for high salaries for minister, but more a call to go back to the grass roots, community based ministry Jesus started.

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