Would like some help in MElbourne

HEy guys,

SOme of you know me, some of you don't. BUt I
need a place to train in Melbourne. There is two
problems. On a ministers salary I can't really
afford to pay much at all. And secondly, I live in
Footscray, and won't be driving. I don't mind the
public transport but would hope it is reasonably
close by.

Being a former fighter, gym owner, coach and
teacher, as well as a brown belt under Javier
Vazquez I believe I can be a benefit to any school. I
can teach, I can lead kids classes, or mma, or no
gi classes. I really want a place that can be a
second family.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know

the rev

I've seen some of the Rev's fights and i can honestly say i dont think i've seen his level of performance in aussie MMA, so come down to syd rev, we'll def take u!!!

Im sure you would be welcome at Hangar 4. Run by BJJ black belt Tyrone Crosse also John Will ( head of Machado BJJ australia) teaches every 2nd monday.

We have wrestling classes run by Ziggy who is an olympian.

Hangar 4 Combat Sports Center
Building 4 - Wirraway Rd - Essendon Airport
Ph: 93795744

Thanks LEMon,

I am just looking for a place to work on my black
belt, learn some stuff, and maybe help some
others to improve a bit.

And I am so very glad to be here in OZ

the rev

Gooluck rev :)

I don't know if wrestling (freestyle) is of any interest to you, but the
Footscray Youth Club Wrestling club is a great option. Head coach Sam
Parker has been Australian Team Coach several times and is the home
of many ex and current OZ team members. Training is on every day
Monday to Saturday at five pm and Sunday mornings at 10 am.

Hey Rev,

Hope life is workng out for you in Melbourne and the mission is finding it's feet.

I highly recommend you try Hangar 4, I trained there for years and you'll go a long way to beat time on the mat with BJJ Black Belt Tyrone Crosse, there are some good Wrestlers training there also and they do teach/train MMA.

(03) 9379 5744. Call me on 0419 594 723 and I'll give you Tyrone's mobile number.

Otherwise the VUT Wrestling at Footscray with Sam Parker is a good option. Wrestling only though, no BJJ or MMA.

Congratulations on the Brown Belt mate!

I will be in Melbourne next month, hope to catch up then.




"great club that one though dont suplex anyone, sam parker will have a
heart attack ;)"

yes, great advice, especially if your opponent is significantly lighter and
has only been wrestling for 3-4 weeks!

BUt that would be the only people I could supplex :)

I will check those out guys thanks.

the rev

You should also try Dominance Jiu Jitsu as well.



All good suggestions.

Also, you are always welcome to train at Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling:

Extreme Headquarters
Suite 3/660 Warrigal Rd. Malvern East Victoria, 3148
Ph. 03 9568-4999


Chris Shen

Hi John,
Glad you're here in Australia.

Call me on 0409882556 and we'll see if we can organise something.

John Simon

BUt I couldn't suplex anyone else, smaller, no
experience, crippled, those are my typical training
partners :)

Wear does this wrestling club meet, I would like to
go tonight.

the rev


FYC Wrestling is at Hoadley Court in Footscray. It is off Ballarat Road,
next to Victoria University of Technology. Starts at five pm, but most of
the guys end up arriving at about 5:15-5:20. Be warned, Sam seems a
little unfriendly and apprehensive at the start but he will warm up to
you if you are sincere and respectful. Good bunch of guys.

No I looked at some of the links, and have talked to
some people. The wrestling club is about a block
away from my house. I live just on the other side of
Ballarat. Is there a fee? I think it would be good to
wrestle atleast once a week, or would I have to be
there more often to be accepted? I wil ltry and go
to the wrestling club tomorrow. I don't have
wrestling shoes, is there somewhere close I could
get some at?

THanks everyone for your help, and JOhn I'll call
you tomorrow.

the rev


Training fee is $10 per week for seven days or I think 200 for the year.
Have not been down for a couple of months. As far as shoes, there
might be some still there. I will let a couple of the guys know to expect
you and look after you. And yes you can go once a week, the club
always needs more bodies on the mat, as you will realise the numbers
is OZ wrestling are not that significant.