Would Neer beat Stevenson at 155?

What do you guys think? Neer pretty much dominated Stevenson at 170...both guys have now moved down in weight. The only difference is that Josh is fighting for Pride now. Although Josh hasn't proven himself as a lightweight, I say he would whoop Joe Stevensons ass again.

the fight wasn't clear cut enough to make rash judgements about outcomes of future fights.

even an odds-maker wouldn't clearly stack it up against joe winning.

never been a fan of making blanket statements like that.

I thought the fight was clear on who won.

joe looked terribly out of shape in that fight, that said neer wrecked him.

I think a Joe that shows up wins. WTF was he doing giving up top position for ankle locks? No disrespect to near though.

Like both guys a lot, they are both skilled fighters, but I don't think Josh would beat Joe again, not at 155 lbs.

Neer is in Daddy's head....he'll beat him every time.

Stevenson was victim of a freakish no-tap by Neer from a knee-bah in
their fight... I wouldn't call that a walkover, but i give props to Neer for
not tapping... After this, Joe gassed, a la Penn vs. Hughes II, after Penn
couldn't finish the sub...

I think the rematch at 155 would see Joe winning in a tough fight... his
relentless wrestling and G&P is just too good if he is in shape - and he
has to be to make 155

Joe was dumb in that fight and not conditioned to go the distance. From what I've seen from both guys in their other fights, I'd pick Stevenson in a rematch.

The combination of Joe's bad conditioning and Neer's hard as nails not gonna tap to shit attitude decided that fight. Neer looked great, Joe did not. With that said, I pick Joe in the rematch.

He's shown more resolve at 155 so far, IMO.

my unserstanding was that josh wanted to go to 155, but the UFC had other plans for him at 170... who knows? he is now with pride i think.