Would Pedro Rizzo do well in Pride

It would be good to see Pedro compete in Pride i think.He's a legitimate contender.

I don't think he'd be champ, but he would be a great addition to Pride.

Rizzo vs. Igor Vov is something I want to see very badly.

Cro Cop vs. Rizzo would also be cool, even though I feel Cro Cop would lay the smack down.

i just wish rizzo would be a little more aggressive damnit!

They wouldnt put up with his stalling and give him yellow cards.

Too passive lately.If he gets the fire back he would do well but not beat Fedor.

I just hope to see Pedro fight anywhere, sometime soon.

Pedro Rizzo has all the potential in the world to do very well in Pride. It all comes down to if he still has the drive to train his ass off and go for it. That question is TBD.

He'd be a great addition, provided they match him up against fighters who like to push the pace, as Pedro doesn't really like to do that himself.

Rizzo is capable of beating anyone. There are a bunch of great matchups for him if he goes to Pride. I would love to see him against an aggressive striker like CroCop or Igor.

Rizzo's style requires people to enguage him. Fits perfectly with Pride's rules.

What ArmbarGuitar said.