Would Tulsi win if she ran as a republican?

I would vote for her in a heartbeat. There is no way the Democratic Party would ever nominate her. But she has the moderate mindset they could win the independents and the swing voters.


Are you retarded? Honest question. Look at her politics. She is a female Bernie Sanders.


Love her

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I’m not a rebublican, but voted for Sunkist Hitler, 3 times.

I would not vote for that lady, no matter the party.

Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or hold public office.


People on the right only look at her foreign policy, and think she’s great. But if they’d look at her domestic policy, they’ll see they have stark differences in how they believe the country should be run


Only if she promised to show me her tits.


LOL, reducing the national debt with her OnlyFans page


I wouldn’t vote for her to see her tits but I’d probably do it for a blow job.

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^ This

I love Tulsi’s anti-war foreign policy stance, but she is a Bernie acolyte on domestic issues. The thing that separates her from Bernie is that she is willing to stand up and call out bullshit by the identitarian establishment Dems who want to divide the country by race/gender, while Bernie is a cuck who never fights back. Tulsi has a backbone. Bernie is a jellyfish who bends over for the party no matter how often they fuck him over.


That^ There’s a severe disconnect between how people perceive her and what she really is.


If Bernie Bros had a lick of common sense, they would dump Bernie for Tulsi. Unlike the Bern, she is willing to fight for class-based politics and tell the indentipols to go fuck themselves. Bernie is too concerned with playing nice within the party to really fight for what he believes in.

Then again, if Bernie Bros had common sense, they would realize that most of his ideas are unworkable.

Identity politics is real and most republicans will vote republican no matter the nominee. Same with the Democrats.

Tulsi’s entire schtick was to pride herself that she was different than alllllll the other bullshit politicians in DC - from EITHER party.
Yet when she pulled out of the race, within 24 hours she was endorsing Joe Biden & telling all her followers & supporters to vote for him.
She’s the same bullshit artist the rest of them are. At least with the others, you expect them to be BS artists.


Bunch of fucking newcomers in this thread, the whole lot of ya.

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No she would not. Same reason Mitt Romney lost, will get virtually zero of the Christian vote. I wouldn’t vote for her for multiple reasons.

I’m not on board with her domestic policies so would not vote for her.

She’d never win. What Dem states would she flip?

She wouldn’t win as a republican anything in Hawaii.

Her ideology is too principled and incongruent for the GOP.

That being said, domestically she’s a lefty galore. But then again almost every politician with influence is these days.

I respect her a lot more than most politicians, but while I agree with her on some foreign affairs matters, I have strong disagreements with her on certain domestic matters that make her a no-go for me.

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I agree. There are other policies that I do not agree with that she supports. Foreign policy is the main issue she ran on and a very important one to me. I still think she is vastly superior to every other candidate that ran on the left.

However, even on foreign policy Tulsi made a huge flip flop. There is no way to explain her reversal on this and she never even tried.

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This man knows. A lot of songs for the ladies in this gem. Pay attention OP.