would u Trade KG for Dirk + more?

Seeing as how KG has already wasted half of his career in Minnessota, a lot of Wolves fans are now somberly open to the possibility of trading Dirk, because they realize he'll never win there and they want him to succeed.

They realize that management's incompetence has hamstrung them. Garnett himself has been hostile even to the team's coaching search candidates, and his reaction to losing is a fit of crying depression, so it's only going to be so long before he goes public about demanding a trade. And when that happens, what the Wolves can get back will be less than if they acted now.

But who to trade him for? Who can you get good value with and not be robbed and laughed at like the Lakers were for trading Shaq?

My solution :

Trade him for Dirk Nowitzki, Devin Harris, and Josh Howard. And the trade is doable under the salary cap restrictions.

The way I look at it, neither of these guys is winning where they are now, or will under their current circumstances.

If you're Minnessota, you have to like that all these guys still have at least 3 more years on their deals, so you won't be losing them to free agency any time soon.

With Dirk you get a proven all-star and top 5 or top 10 player, the best you could get for Garnett. As a
white European, Dirk will appeal greatly to the folks up in that part of the country, what with their liking of cold weather and various meats and alcohols and such. And you solve your point guard problems with a young up and comer to replace Cassell and add a good swingman to replace Sprewell, whose defense will go well with Wally's suspect defense.

As for why Dallas should do it: If you can get KG, get him. I think Cuban would be very willing to do so, if for the simple fact that he let Dirk's best friend walk away. Who knows how the team will react to Dirk next year after his performance this post-season. Will they respect his leadership? A lot of the guys on the team are new. They weren't in the trenches with Dirk as he was bringing the team out of lottery hell, they don't have the same bonds with him or admiration for him, because when they got there it was already a playoff team, and they're spoiled by that immediate success. They might not appreciate him or listen to him next year.

Bringing in KG will add a big time shot blocker and an even better rebounder to the team. And losing Devin Harris and Josh Howard is no big deal to a team already with so much depth. In fact it might even make things better with more defined roles and bigger minutes all the way around.

The question for all of you, the NBA forum posters, is:

If you were Minnessota, would you do it?

And if you were Dallas, would you do it?

Pop quiz hotshot, what do you do?

IMO, Dallas, yes. Minnesota, no.

But, not a bad trade.

No way I'd do it if I'm Minnesota.

They just need to wait this year out and let some bad contracts come off the books.

If they handle things correctly they could win a title in 06-07.

Handing dirk to the Spurs would be insane

we'll take him to keep the insanity spiraling :)

horrible trade for dallas. sure kg is better then dirk, but not at the expense of josh howard, AND devin harris

wally and kandi are the biggest rip offs

"I honestly think the Wolves would love to get rid of KG, but they will never get the chance IMO. He and his contract are like a cancer."


Jesus your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Were you dropped on your head as a child? repeatedly?

I can prove that he's a bargain based on his production but it would go over your head.

You seem to be suggesting that a team with a 20M player can't win a title. You would be wrong again. This time think before responding.

unless his name is shaq, then no, a team with a 20m guy will not win a title

kg made it out of the first round.

Whjy wouls a man dring toilet waater from another mans toilet?

Your post makes no sense and is gay.

If the only criteria for evaluating basketball players is getting to the rim, or bodyweight, Shaq is the best.

well, those aren't the only criteria, and shaq is still better than kg

KG is a better passer, better rebounder, and is just as efficient on offense while being less turnover prone. He also plays more games and more minutes.


5 years ago you would have been correct.

Just for Dirk and Harris now.

Would you do this if you are Minnessota?

Or if you are Dallas?

Dirk AND JOSH HOWARD.....Dallas would NEVER do this trade

no Josh Howard now . . . Dirk and Harris only

yeah I'd do it.

What about . . .



Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and cap filler