Would UFC 1...

Play out differently if there was a judo or sambo practitioner in the tournament?

Honestly I don't remember if there ever was in the early ufc's. Phone Post

No one think the outcome would have been different? Phone Post

Maybe but someone stated before that most hi-level guys don't want to get into MMA.

i think remco was a judo guy?

Oleg got knocked out fast by Renzo (not ufc, but same idea)

depends on the level of the player. Considering that Royce Gracie, while not the "best" Gracie, was still top level, what would have happened if a 1992 version of Yoshida had been in the tournament, or David Khakhaleishvili

Top level players weren't interested .
However yes I think so look at Gracie Yosida - spelt wrong but I'm pissed and don't care ;-) Phone Post 3.0

Christophe Leinenger was in a couple of the early ones and was handled easily by Ken Shamrock and stayed with Guy Metzger for the duration. His style wasn't/isn't very ground heavy though.

You didn't have the high level players that were comparable to Royce except Shamrock maybe. Then Severn came along later. Olympic level judokas were not interested. I rememebr asking Jimmy Pedro at his clinic in 1998 in he had any knowledge of BJJ and the UFC and he said no.

Spjikers, 1988 Olympic Bronze and the infamous step on the neck incident with Renzo at WCC 1995?