Would You Accept a Catchweight for Big Fights?

Ngannou vs Jones would be huge but if Jones wanted a CW, lets say at 225, would you accept it?

Similarly for Khabib vs Usman or Israel vs Jones?

I'd say most catch weight fights would be fair except Ngannou. He cuts to make 265 I wouldn't want him cutting an extra 40lb. 

For certain fights definitely. It has to make sense tho. For example, khabib vs GSP would be a hell of 165 lb catch weight fight. And neither would have to gain or cut much weight.

If jones wanted to do a catch weight vs adesanya between 195-200 that’s not unreasonable. But if Jones calls out Ngannou then says first u gotta cut 40 lbs tho. Then he ain’t fighting the heavyweights at their best.

No. What’s the point in proving you can beat a bigger fighter if you’re going to force them to compromise themselves and you then beat someone not at 100%?


With weight cutting your adding another variable. It’s like making two guys run 10 miles and then immediately fight each other. You don’t see the best fighter in that scenario. You see who is the best fighter after running 10 miles. With catchweight, you’re just making one guy run 10 miles. It’s stupid and really doesn’t prove anything.

I hate weight cutting, so catchweights make me happy.

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Catch weight superfights make it possible for legends to come in and fight in one off fights without messing up a division also.

An example would be GSP vs Khabib at a165 catch weight.

Would love it. No belt needed.