Would you be afraid if Spurs signed this man . . .

 the SA paper beat scrub reported today the Spurs might be inclined this summer to sign . . .


No Splitter means they might have a spot for a tough, defense playing shotblocking vicious beating giving lathered with sparkly sweat MAN.

IF (and that's a big if) you see this stunning speciman staring at you from the Spurs bench . . .



I'm sick of all this bullshit from you man...

It's incredible that the kid can still even play.

Brian Davis - I'm sick of all this bullshit from you man...

 it's the nba forum, i gotsta have fun with it.

I don't think the Spurs will sign him by the way, though I'd be happy if they did.

He might be their back-up plan if Kurt Thomas gets a retardedly large offer from some other team.  I don't even want KT back, but that's another story.

 he's played very well for the Lithuanian national team in the Olympics so far.  Great shotblocker and very good rebounder.  Tough and brutal picks that would get called as offensive fouls in the NBA, he crushes people out there.  He's bulked up even more than he was in 06 the last time I got a good chance to see him play live.

Maybe he's upping his trade value for the Spurs.

I only saw the first half but he didn't play very well in the first half against China.

he is a poor mans Scola

 He was the best player on the court today for Lithuania.  If their small players like Jasikevicius, Kleiza, Siskauskas and Kaukaneus didn't suck so much shit today then Lithuania would be winning the silver on Sunday morning.   He still wouldn't be a great NBA player, but is who he was when I hyped him on this board years ago, a legit NBA big man who could help a team.  He's a little slower with his added bulk and his defense on PnRs is a weakness, but he still is NBA-level.

dangerboy12 - he is a poor mans Scola
Their games are not similar.  Javtokas can't score except on gimmes, though he's been unusually good on fts this olympics when not in the 4th quarter.  Scola is a legit scorer.  Javtokas is a much better defender and rebounder.


WrestlingSucks - I only saw the first half but he didn't play very well in the first half against China.
I actually only saw the second half of that game and he did very well against Yao, frustrated the hell out of him and was strong enough to mess with him.



Scola has better post moves, but post play is dead in the NBA. They are both PF's with decent iq, good midrange game, and hacking defense.

 lol, Javtokas has ZERO midrange game.

you havent watched him much this olympics. His touch has been pretty good.

I've watched him plenty and will watch him again at midnight.  His FGs from outside close range haven't existed.

ah, the always classy crossed arm bicep pushout. Very intimidating indeed.

He's been released from his Moscow Dynamo contract . . .

Can the Spurs be in the future for this muscular man?

Is he really on the Spurs radar anymore?

looks like Dolph Lundgren at 25 yrs old imo