Would you be down with Shogun fighting a HW?

It doesn't have to be a Giant but if he pulled it off it would raise his stock no end!

There are so many great fights that could be made

Big nog, overreem again, Pat Barry, Nelson, Mir, Cormier, Kongo, Schaub, hunt .
I realise most of these matches are not possible right now but I sure would be pumped for them! Phone Post 3.0

Jesus Christ... Really? Phone Post 3.0

Would rather see Shogun fight at MW than HW... Phone Post 3.0

He should be dropping down to middleweight if anything. Phone Post

But Shogun is old school! Phone Post 3.0

Schaub is not a great fight. I would struggle to find someone in the ufc I could get less pumped for shogun to fight. Phone Post 3.0

Laughing too much to put together a proper reply

Damn you're stupid... Phone Post

Shogun vs Barry would have been the only HW matchup I'd pick. Phone Post

He's an out of shape 185er fighting at 205 already so no

I know I'm going to get flamed for saying that. But the guy seriously doesn't train nearly as hard as he use to Phone Post 3.0