Would you be offended if...

battle777 - I'm not your bud, pal Phone Post 3.0
Settle down guy! Phone Post 3.0

thedogofdogs -

i call guys at work "babe"


cause it's funny to see there reaction:)

Lol I like thay Phone Post 3.0

That* Phone Post 3.0

I dont use bud. It has a homo feel to it. Use sir or "my friend" instead. Phone Post 3.0

Hey bud,let's party

It doesn't sound to bright,just saying. Phone Post 3.0

when someone calls me "bud" it immediately puts me in a better mood

unless he's asking me to do something, then it might bother me.. like "hey bud can i use this bench?" and i'm all "dude i don't wanna take off 8 plates so you can bench 315"

I have no problem with "bud" but I hate people saying "hey kid" or "boy" Phone Post 3.0

battle777 - I'm not your bud, pal Phone Post 3.0

I'm not your pal, dickface!


I used to get pissed when the middle eastern dudes would call me 'boss' when I first moved to NYC 13 years ago. Now I don't ever hear it. Phone Post 3.0