Would you be scared if you saw Wandy in public?

He just posted a picture of him holding a carton of milk at a grocery store on twitter.

I was just imagining seeing him at my local grocery store.

I think...I would actually feel threatened.

Yes, especially by the freaky plastic surgery aftermath.

given that he's more docile than some of my coworkers now, no.

2001 Wandy may have been a different story.

I saw him at a show in CO about idk... 2yrs ago and yes, I was scared....hes actually a really fucking cool guy tho...

I live in Vegas and he came into my work once. I looked at him and put my hands on my head and had this "holy shit it's Wand" look on my face. He just looked right back, smiled and waved.

I've heard he's really friendly. I would probably ask for an autograph, depending on what kind of mood he looks like he's in. If he was wearing the funny hat I would definitely ask. Maybe a pic, too. I bet in the vale-todo days he would give you a palm-strike for looking at him. Phone Post

dude, check his twitter and see how friendly he is. I'm sure you could probably walk up and hug him and he'd just smile that goofy smile of his.

He sounds like an awesome guy to represent the sport. Every time i see a video of him i think that he would be able to win over the most ignorant MMA haters that relate the sport to some bar brawling crap. Great to hear stories of fans that can meet their hero and feel like they appreciated. MMA is the best sport ever to be a fan of and way too many MMA fans dont realize it. PLS Stop fighter bashing. Even if you dont enjoy watching a certain fighter, they still help grow the sport and deserve respect for the dedication they put into fighting.

Big Rig

sorry for the whining

Depends on the situation. If I saw him randomly at the supermarket/airport/whatever, then I dont see whats so scary. I'd probably go up to him and say hello.

If it was at a club/bar and I had spilled his beer, and he was giving me the old Wand dead eyes staredown I would shit myself.

Hell no, this is a dude who calls his fans friends.

Though as others have mentioned, if he did happen to hit me with a staredown, I'd probably run away.

Not in the slighest.

"Excuse me Sir, I'm sorry to bother you, I just thought I'd thank you for that seminar in Scotland last year - good luck with your next fight, I hope you knock Chael out clean!"

Shake hand, say "you're welcome, thank you" when he says "thank you" and leave, smiling and nodding.

That would be it. I already gots the autograph. Mibs I'd ask for another for a friend.

yes, and especially if he was doing his fight staredown routine of rolling his hands and bouncing around like he is high on Meth

Wand is awesome , he loves his fans , always happy to pose for photo's or sign an autograph , he really enjoys it . I've seen him get up while busy eating in a restaurant just to have a photo taken , and then the woman asked him who he was and I thought he'd be pissed off but he wasn't ( they were told he was from the ufc ) . I played a game of pool ( snooker ) with him once and when I was shooting for the black to win it , he was like fooling around trying to distract me , just like an old friend . What an awesome dude . The next day he got into the cage and destroyed Bisping .

maybe if my name was Chael Sonnen

Chris Power - Hell no, this is a dude who calls his fans friends.

Though as others have mentioned, if he did happen to hit me with a staredown, I'd probably run away.

BenBJJ asked him for a staredown photo , it's been posted on a few threads before .

i was shopping one day at a grocery store in Honolulu and saw Wandy riding in my friends car....

not only did he stop and pose for a pic w/me, but he also talked to me for about 15 minutes...wasnt at all like i was meeting a celeb fighter, but just a regular dude.  we talked about stupid random stuff, dont think we discussed mma once.  

he couldnt've been nicer.  

 If I was Chael.

No, he's a great guy. Would I want to fight him in the cage? God no. Would I go up and shake his hand in public. You bet.

I wouldn't be scared unless I were having to fight him. From everything I've read about him, he's a really nice guy and very approachable for fans. Phone Post

 "peace on earth, war only in the ring" ~Wand