Let's say you are average height 5"9- 6"2 would you breed with a woman under 5"4? The risk is high for conceiving a short child. If you have a girl and she's short it's not a big deal. But if you have a boy and he ends up short he's gonna live a cursed life. 

I did. Also she's part Hispanic. We're having a boy in May. I'm 6'0. Fingers crossed.

I would, but wouldn't be happy about it

My dad is 6'0'' my mom is 4'11''. I am 5'7''. FUCK YOU MOM AND DAD!

i'm 5' 7 3/4"  (yes i added the and 3/4")


my wife says she is 5'2"  but she is really 5' 1/4"

yes i carry nordic genes

Both my parents are 5'6" or less and I ended up at 6'.
Lucky for me my grandmother on my mums side of the family was the shortest of her siblings at 5''11" with one of her brothers being 6'5"

Sogflop - I did. Also she's part Hispanic. We're having a boy in May. I'm 6'0. Fingers crossed.

Im 6'5" and my wife is a 5' Latina.... we have an almost 4 y/o daughter thats tall and skinny. SHe will give birth to my son in April. If he's short Im not sure I can raise him past teh age of finding out...

I'd breed with her, I just wouldn't stick around for any of that kid type shit. That's her problem.


Just kidding!!


Yes, I did just that. I'm 5'11 and Mrs. NEF is a shorty. I knew before we had kids that 1, they'd be boys and 2, they'd be built more like me than her. My oldest boy is probably 5'7, much taller than his mom already. 

OGers...yeah, any port in a storm will do

I'm 6'4" and Mrs. Paws is 6'1". I'm praying my kids catch some shorter genes somewhere. So far at 5 and 2 they're giants. I don't want them to be the weirdly tall and awkward girls in school. We're both athletic so maybe they'll be tall athletes. Fingers crossed. 

Most women are like 5'4 man unless u living in holland 

if the son is short u can just put him up for adoption

I'm addicted to spinners, shoot me.

I am attracted to short chicks. Me getting my dick off the right way is far more important than my son being tall.

I'm 5'11", wife is a 5'7" filipino. My son is 10 and is already 5'1"

I have always been attracted to short ladies though

Who the fuck would want a tall one?

NORCAL707 - Who the fuck would want a tall one?

I loooooooove short women but yeah for sons, not optimal. I have 3 so I know LOL One will be tall as me, but the other 2 will not, they'll be shorties. It bugs me sometimes but there are so many successful short men that I don't make it an issue publicly. Just my inner pride and yes, a sens of guilt.

See my dad is short (he told me growing up that he was 5'8" and that is not true...more like 5'7" tops) and he went out and married my mom who was 4'10" max (maybe shorter)...so he completely fucked me over and now I am short.  I married a taller woman so my two kids have a shot...(although they are both girls, height is less important)

I'd like to nail Salma