Would you buy one?

I'm thinking of producing some custom flash hiders that can be screwed into place on threaded barrels. Basically the flash hider would be shaped like the head of some animal like a lion, a mythical beast like a dragon, or just some kind of monster head. The opening would of course be the animals mouth and there'd be some stylized fangs and such that would be purely aesthetic without interfering with the function of your firearm. Kind of like the barrel decorations of chaos marines in warhammer 40k if you're familiar with that. So if they were well designed and reasonably priced, would you buy one?

My first thought it that is totally ridiculous and stupid.

My second thought is I would love to have a massive, shiny revolver with a dragonhead on it. It'd be like a chrome Desert Eagle, cool for the sheer ludicriosity.

The head should be pretty small, I think. Small enough to seem like an extension of the barrel or slide.

But, I think you'd definitely sell a few. Guys buy those crazy-ass fantasy swords with 15 blades and whatnot...