Would you change doctor is he was Liberal

Every single doc I know is liberal. They drink the cool aid daily, unfortunately. It’s embarrassing. We will have conversations w them, but they are usually not coming from the same place as the blue collar workers.

I think it’s all bullshit, but they buy it. Fwiw, every single one of the docs seems petrified of covid, but most have had or been vaccinated. Feel like fearia what got them.

No one is changing medical doctors if they are found to be a lib. Life more important than a letter.

I prefer my doctors not be mentally ill

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The thing that makes most of them liberals is probably same reason I still consider myself a liberal… Even though I probably agree with every other conservative stance.

Conservatives love for religion and being so against abortion.

Religion is as anti science as it gets and medicine is as science as it gets. They’ve basically devoted their life to science and most conservatives have done the opposite.

What if your proctologist was a gay?

You pay extra, and lube is optional.

My cardiologist and I talk about all sorts of things that have nothing to do with my healthcare, like what bourbons we like, etc. Last year we got on politics and he said he was voting for Biden. Rationale: for whatever reason he’s a “pro choice” on abortion and believed Trump would get enough people on the scotus to overturn Roe v. Wade. Whatever. I told him if he want such a good doctor we might part ways over that, since I planned to vote for Trump. He’s said our votes canceled each other out and I said “Yeah, but you have the dead voting with you. Let’s make sure I’m not one of them.” We has a good laugh and never mentioned it again.

I actually got established with a new doctor yesterday and had all of my annual checkup tests. He’s a pretty young guy and I’m unvaccinated so I was dreading a potential soapbox lecture.
Right off the bat he said if you’re under 40 and not obese he’s not recommending the vaccine. It was pretty surprising. I’ll definitely be sticking with him.

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They hijack the english language constantly redefining words tor their agenda.
This manipulation and trickery of definitions is learned from focus groups and then lawyers who represent corrupt clients that alter a word’s intent by confusion, distraction, intimidation, and emotion and catchy slogans like build back better, hate speech, or anti-fill in the blank. Thus setting precedence.
Liberal meant free. Now it’s the exact opposite.It is Statism.
Gay use to mean happy . Now it’s used to push victim status of a fetish perversion.
Smart use to mean witty. Now it is anything high tech pushed by an appeal to progressive thinking.Now it’s moving the goal posts and redefining herd immunity, vaccine, racist,