Would you fight GSP for $4,000 per minute?

The catch would be, if you last one 5 minute round, you'd get 20K, and if you would last 5 full rounds, you would get $100,000.

So, if you weren't good enough, and GSP took you down immediately and kimura'd you in 8 seconds, you'd only get $533.33.

absolutely. Id fight tyson with both hands behind my back for that much. I could run away for at least ten seconds.

 Yes, I would. I would implement the Starnes strategy and try to make as much money as possible before GSP got a hold of me.

Ha ha! "Starnes strategy"! Fuck that pussy! Phone Post


Sounds like I'd go home $533.33 richer.

Absolutely. Pretty sure I make like 3/4 k as well. I can run mang!

 If medical was fully covered, I'd fight anyone for $500

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Nagster5 - absolutely. Id fight tyson with both hands behind my back for that much. I could run away for at least ten seconds.

 lol so let me get this straight.  Tyson would catch you within 10 seconds and KO like you've never been KO'd before.  10 seconds would net you about $600.  You're good with that?

depends do I get the medical bills covered? shit I've had my orbital bone, Jaw, and cheek bone broken in bar fights. Might as well get paid for fighting.

You do realize what Tyson did to Mitch Green right lol? That's with a bare fist but still...

 i would. figure i could last a few minutes. thats only because he would feel pretty bad about what he was doing to me-MM

ive been doing jiu jitsu for 10 years and wrestling for 6 years, i think i could atleast pull guard or hold onto him for a round or two.

With or without 6 months of sprawl training?

lol who wouldnt.. its not like hes some power house like BOB SAPP who would Hulk SMASH you.. you would just have to buy your time..

Yep. Run a little and hope like hell he plans on building up lactic acid in your shoulders before grappling with you. If all goes well you could walk away with a few hundred bucks (which I could use since Xmas is technically tomorrow).

I would be finished in 8 seconds then easily I'm sure.

Actually I used to wrestle competitively when I was a kid and I lost a match in under 10 seconds once. I can't remember the exact time. It was to a friend of mine who was lightning fast obviously.

 i have change dmy mind. i would cheat like a mfer until i got dq'd, get a green name, and live in glory on the ug as the man that gsp couldn't finish-MM

I have a hard time believing that very many people in this thread could even last a full minute.

 if gsp were a real badass, he would post on the og. so i like my chances

 I'd do it, seeing as I outweigh him by about 50lbs.

Hell yeah but I dunno if I would be able to last 1 min.

fuck yes