Would you give up a point in a

round... to give the guy you are fighting a bad center of balance for the rest of the fight ?

yes it seems to have taken off.

It paid off last night...

depends what rd it was and how the fight was going.

As I have said in other threads, I just don't understand wtf Frank is thinking when he commits these fouls. Can he not control his emotions when fighting?

In reality you could give up a point in the 1st round with a viscious illeghal blow, then be able to end the fight in the 2nd or 3rd and the point won't ever come into play.

Did Baroni make a comment on how it affected him?

No because if he cant continue like Renzo you lose the fight.

That and because it's cheating

"You ain't cheating you ain't tryin."

J/K thats fucked up but I don't think that Slamcock did it on purpose, but he should have gotten warned first it could understand if it's an elbow or knee but a rabbit punch is no reason for an automatic point deduction w/ no warning sometimes you get caught up in the moment.

I seriously think it really is an "old school" thing..

imagine being locked in a cage ready to fight someone who want to take your head off..

you automatically revert to your instincts and training.. I bet you Frank trains "old school" which may sound stupid to say..

Frank teaches for real world training.. not patty cake.. he trains law enforcement and military.. probably the first thing he tells them is to hit htem in the back of the head.. I don't know.. know what i am saying?

the knee thing for Renzo was a mistake.. but the rule was mostly made for guys on top.. not to knee the bottom guy..

I have never seen anyone throws knees from the bottom.. much less "KO" someone..


here is a vid where he talks about it..

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Frank is old school. Old school punches anything, anywhere, even the
unprotected nut sack of Joe Son Do.