Would You go the Prison for 5 years for Billions?

Here are the rules that the rich white fucker offers you.

1. You will go to the "worst prison in America" for 5 years on an awful charge like child pornography, child rape, killing 20 hookers, raping a convent of nuns, just something really awful.

2. After 5 years you will be exonerated by DNA evidence and it will be a big deal in the media: "man on death row released and proven innocent."

3. Until that time is up, you can't tell your family or friends, "I didn't do it."

4. So for 5 years everyone you know and love will loathe you and think you are a human turd on death row (deservedly).

5. Once a year they let you loose on the general population yard for an hour.

If you can make it you get 2 billion tax free dollars. If you die your family gets the money. Phone Post 3.0

Syrup! Phone Post 3.0

Tough one. If I wouldn't miss out on my son growing up I'd do it in a heartbeat. Phone Post 3.0

Fuckin a. I have kids. They would be set for life. Phone Post 3.0

No Toomuchrisk Phone Post 3.0

pennviachoke - Killing 20 hookers is as bad as child porn? Phone Post 3.0
Decreasing supply can cause price shocks. That is unacceptable. Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't trade my dad for $2B Phone Post 3.0

Fuck no.

I have a perfect life.

Billions won't make me happer.

Time to live happily is more valuable. Phone Post 3.0

The toughest prison for child porn charges?

Yea no thanks, I like my butthole the way it is.

Let me tell a few of my loved ones that I am innocent and I'm in.

guesswhatchickenbutt - Fuckin a. I have kids. They would be set for life. Phone Post 3.0

Except they have no father for 5 years. Their community thinks their dad is a child diddling faggot so they are ostracized and harassed. Their mom moves on because she isn't waiting for a child molesting POS and meets their new step daddy who is either A) a dirt bag who beats them and tells them their daddy is a child molesting faggot and pushes them to the fringes of society or B) is such an amazing man who does a phenomenal job raising them that they consider him their real father and want nothing to do with you when you get out anyways.

To get my privileged white family members out of poverty, yes, I think I would.


Calhoon - Let me tell a few of my loved ones that I am innocent and I'm in.

You tell your family and they put you in a cell with The Assmaster! Phone Post 3.0

Well if I am on death row it means i'll be in a cell by myself so basically its 5 years imprisoned in a small room without really interacting with other inmates. Not sure if it's worth wasting 5 years of my life but it probably wouldnt be THAT bad since you know for a fact you will get out after 5 years and you wont be getting raped in the showers.

Will I be isolated? I would do it if I'm isolated.

Hell yeah and I'd be Tyrones bitch every day for that kind of money. We aren't talking millions here, we're talking Forbes 400 rich.

Definitely.... make a push to be in solitary confinement... 

It is your only hope of not getting shanked, raped, becoming a blowjob queen.

Wait it out... keep your wits about you.

Only thing you have to avoid is not going crazy (which most people tend to do being in solitary for more than a couple of years).

All day Phone Post 3.0

Yup! My kids are old already. They will be set for generations and my last years will be a huge fuckin jet-setting party! Phone Post 3.0