Would You go the Prison for 5 years for Billions?

Fuck no. I wouldn't survive the five years in prison, and although I'm not rich, I'm comfortable enough in life that I'd rather my family keeps living like we do than for me to die and them to collect billions

No thanks Phone Post 3.0

I'll take killing 20 hookers for 2 billion Alex... Phone Post 3.0

No, because a few of my family members would go to the grave thinking I was a pedo Phone Post 3.0

If I died in there and the family for the money, would they also find out I was innocent of the charges?

If so, I'd do it. Otherwise I couldn't imagine dying and my son living his life thinking I was a pedo. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah just stay in protective custody. Read a bunch of books I've been meaning to. You get weed and prison honcho. Visits with family once a week. Letters etc. Phone Post 3.0


Billions? Lock me up. Phone Post

I'm guessing if everyone inside a bad prison thought you'd done those things you'd likely be experiencing prison justice so no I wouldn't, if I knew I would be safe then yes probably Phone Post 3.0

Am I in Gen Pop? If in Gen Pop I'm dead in the first few days for anything to do with children. If I'm safely tucked away in a segregated wing I'd at least live to enjoy the money. However losing that time with my wife and child would not work for me. I'll go without the money. Phone Post 3.0

Uh, yeah!

guesswhatchickenbutt - Fuckin a. I have kids. They would be set for life. Phone Post 3.0

The damage they will incur will not be fixed by billions of dollars. they will use those billions and they will destroy their lives because their father was ont there to guide them.


Mom will bring home the new boyfriend hwo will touch your kids..............


Don't do it!

I already only see my daughter every other week, fuck not seeing her again till she's a teen. My ex would ruin her. Phone Post 3.0

Blade Brown -
tj tapper - I wouldn't trade my dad for $2B Phone Post 3.0
That's funny cause I would in a heartbeat Phone Post 3.0
Yea.... But aren't you black? Phone Post 3.0

So not only do I only have to serve 5 years for my crimes, but then they also say I didn't even do the crimes and they also pay me? What's the catch again?

Based on the rules laid out, absolutely.

It does not state in the rules that I can't inform the inmates of the real reason I'm in prison. I would bribe whoever I needed to insure my safety. Phone Post 3.0

  1. Once a year they let you loose on the general population yard for an hour

    So only 5 hours out of the 5 years something can happen to you. Hell ya I would do it then. Just stand near guards.

Can I get out early for good behavior? Phone Post 3.0

If I beat the fuck out of and killed people do I still get out in 5yrs? Because I'd kill a lot of fucking people. Fuck it's been so long since I've fucking killed someone it's starting to keep me up at night...

Fuck. I mean... Nah. I wouldn't. Phone Post 3.0