Would you go to MMA events alone?

Anyone here attended an MMA event by themself (not knowing anyone else there)???

I haven't, but i would have no problem going by myself.

Is this another thread devoted to trying to find Elvis a date?


Not trying to be silly, but surely you can drag someone along with you?

If they were in Sydney I'd be able to fill a table or two but I'm new to Queensland. Just tought I'd toss it out there. I'd drag my girlfriend along but she can't even watch movies with violence in them.

I attended my first MMA event alone. I didn't know a soul. I even fought on it.

I got bashed into a whole 'nother dimension, but that's not the point, is it?

What you need to do is get to know the promoter and ask to be a time keeper, this way no one will know you have no friends and you are there by youself ;)

Oh well seemed to work for Tank ;)

I used to go to kickboxing events in seedy pubs on my own. I really enjoyed watching the fights, but geez it was a bit uncomfortable between bouts - I've never exhibited the Testosterone enough to fit in there... ;-)

I went to a kickboxing fight by myself once as I was in Melb at the time and turns out once I got into the venue I bumped into my cousin and then later into about 10 guys from Shepparton.

As said earlier there will probably be others from the forum who wouyld be going so work it out before you go and meet up with a few.

Just wear Keats is a spinless bitch T shirts so everyone knows who you are ;)

Spinless bitch t shirts seem to stand out in a crowd :)

I went to WR2 alone. Spent most my time there chatting with Peter Davis and various other fighters trainers. was pretty cool

How much are they Keats? :)

There pretty cheap :)

Hang on if everyone wants one I could make money out of this

i'll have one keats

If you all want one, I'll have to turn up and be in the crowd so you can all taunt me :)

I would definitely go alone. I don't see a problem with it at all.

Or you could just get a new girlfriend that loves blood. Don't necessarily have to get rid of the current one, either. At least you know she want catch you, because she won't come near the place!