Would you have entered UFC 1

So its 92/93 and you see an advert for ufc 1 asking for fighters of all styles. Would you enter? How would you fare? Imagine you have no idea what your getting into, would you do it? Phone Post

I would have entered for sure but I highly doubt they would have let a 11 year old fight Ken Shamrock.

Probably, for the banter. I most likely would have died though... Phone Post

I personally wouldn't have. Reason being is at that time,I thought all those ninjitsu, kung fu an karate experts would have literally killed me. I was aware of jiujitsu at that time to and I remember thinking that a jiujitsu guy could pose a threat to those karate guys as he is a master of breaking bones.

I was clueless about the bjj positioning and chokes. I simply thought a jj guy would grab them and break their arms while standing.

Interesting thread.

I could beat everyone except Royce. Phone Post

 with the knowledge i have now, sure. the paradox is i would not have ever gained this knowledge without ufc 1. the guy i was at that time was in shape and thiought he was tough. but no way i would have entered a tournament full of karate guys with chi and one touch knock out ability. i would have thought with their secret moves and stuff they would have been too deadly

With the training i have i would have enquired about it but would be asking loads of question. First would probably be, is it to the death? Phone Post


I was two so....no. Phone Post

What about if was the you of today? Phone Post

Had actually discussed this in '92. By then I had 4 years of wrestling and some boxing. A training partner went to a Rickson Gracie seminar (there were no schools then so we went to seminars) and Rickson explained Whorian's idea. After Rickson submitted every person in the seminar....boxers, wrestlers, kickboxers, etc. of all size even twice his size we KNEW BJJ was going to be unbeatable.

Unlike many people at the time, we had the answer to the "Who would win? Boxing or BJJ? Wrestling or Kickboxing?" etc. We knew already because we had a sneak preview and first hand experience. The hard part was convincing our boxing, wrestling, karate, kenpo, kung-fu friends. We would have had an edge with our Boxing, Wrestling and BJJ albeit very limited experience, with everyone.....until we bumped into Rickson. At the time we thought Rickson was going to represent the family.

The good thing about having this experience and knowing is we bet with extreme prejudice every person in the house during the party at UFC 1. Made some loot off of a few Kenpo guys. 

sigh the memories.


I was 5.

And Gerard Gordeau's worst nightmare. Phone Post

Hell no.

And I consider myself a hardass but the truth is short of being a freak, you wouldnt know the jits and stuff that you know now if you train. Phone Post

Only if I get to fight Ron Van Clief

Is Monkey Stealing The Peach allowed?

Its ufc anything goes. Phone Post

I did. Phone Post

Soup Nazi - Is Monkey Stealing The Peach allowed?


 No, but I would have financially backed a Krav Maga master into entering and testicle kicking his way through the competition

No way i could haha. I'm a bjj white belt, I'd tap when Royce looks at me. Phone Post