Would you have played this hand the same way?

 I started playing poker seriously about 8 months ago so I am still very green.

This was at a small live tournament 50 dollar buy in.

Table has six people on it blinds are 200/400

I am sitting about 11,200 in chips UTG

SB - 6,000

BB- 4,500

Button- 10,500

I am dealt QsQc  UTG, I raise to 1000

fold fold, Button calls, SB folds, BB calls,

Flop 2c Qh 9s   BB checks, I raise another 1000, Button re-raises to 2000, BB folds, I call. (at this time I think he has Q,9 or possibly pocket 9's.  He had been playing low and mid pocket pairs all night)

Turn: Qd    I shove all in for my last 8,000, and he calls right behind me. ( I shoved knowing I had the best hand and pretty sure he would follow if he had pcoket 9's or 2's)

Showdown: he turns over pocket nines for the boat and I turn over Quads.

I won the hand but I was just hoping for a little analysis if there would have been a better way to play the hand, was I way off with my bets? 

 Your bet on the flop is GOOD

The board is rainbow the ONLY DRAW is j10...so a small bet keeps alot of weak hands he may have in..

or he may float and try and play back at you.

Turn shove all in is bad.. he can only call with fh maybe he calls light with 1010 or better.

 checkturn or bet small like 2000

he may lead into you on river with air or weak hand if you check the turn.

You got lucky in rare spot he had a hand to pay you off with.

 Flop bet is too small I thought he was betting into one person.

with two other opponets I would bet 1200-1500 into 3000 pot..trying to sell AK or underpair type hand.

That board is still fairly dry.

Only draw is j10 or gutshot chnace is fairly low of them having those hands with Hero raising UTG

 t the 200-400 level.

preflop is perfect sizing. The flop a case can be made for betting or checking. It's ALMOST dry enough that you'd have to check (note I never advocate slowplaying)

pot is 3200+antes so 1k is smallish. I'd prefer somewhere around 1.5k-2k.

What amount would you bet if you had AJ/AK/JJ/A9?

The turn bet is terrible. You just obviously cinched up the hand with the absolute nuts. And he raised the flop! All your bet does is stop him from bluffing you.

At this point its IRRELEVANT if he has 99 or 22, all the money is going into the pot anyway, he'll make sure of it, so we don't care about those cases.

We need to think of the hands in his range other than those.