Would you hit it?

sure why not?

Assuming it's a woman, of course.

I'd also like to see MJ hit it, but she said she won't.

I'm honestly afraid to answer this.


she hangs her arms like a man.

its got a nice rack though.

Ok, that is a man, hell no now that i take a look at more than tits.


Ye of little faith! It is NOT A MAN or a tranny. it is 100% female. I havent seen her face either, im making an ad for my work and I was searching google images for "clearance sale", I saw this bod and thought I would post it to get the OG opinion. Just for the record, I would hit it and hit it often.

after some thought..I am still very very afraid to answer..she has um..bigger thighs than I do

Well, there's her face. Would you hit it now?

that cant be the same girl...hair is lighter and arms are thinner.

and id take a face over a body any day, so i wouldnt hit that one.

You dont think its the same chick? It's meant to be.Here is a rear view.

No, not again.

she looks like the average 30 yr old white female! rofl

why not? that's a hit and run though.


Looks like see loves the cum in the face.

yep i would hit it :)

yep i would hit it :)