Would you like to see this man fight in UFC

This Irish fighter Conor Mcgregor deserves a shot in UFC, very talented really exciting and improving all the time check out his last fight

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obgm6JNtyVo Phone Post

Yes i would, he seems to be a great guy as well, i like this interview.


Hes training with Gunnar Nelson from time to time, yes?

Yeah I think he was just back from training with Gunnar Nelson in Iceland some of the stuff he does in this fight and the left hook ko is matrix shit Phone Post

Nice striking. The guy hardly telegraphs at all and that's rare in MMA. I'd certainly like to see how he does in the UFC. What weight class is he?


I think he's featherweight isn't he? Phone Post

Aye, me lass. Of course I'd love to 'em inside the UFC's barriers!

HELL of a sheep herder, but even HELLER of a fighter, that one. You should see his stones.

great fighter. hope we see him in the UFC.

Great tanx man Phone Post

I seen an interview he was saying he would fight featherweight or lightweight Phone Post

You think he could handle Cerrone?

Yeah I really do I think his hand speed will be too much for Cerrone and add that to his kicks I don't think Cerrone will have an answer for it just the way I thought Cerrone wouldnt have an answer for Pettis I think Diaz exposed Cerrone with his boxing and Mcgregor would do the same Phone Post


he's a beast.