Would you please explain to me how Fedor made...

...that sort of money in order to demand it from a fighting organisation assuming that the organisation had to pay for opportunity cost, should Fedor forgo other earnings.

Did he have control of PVP earnings of his fights in Russia or something?

Big Russian guy.

Runs with Olympic torch.

Is desired by Mr. White.

Are you saying that you don't know?

Another taker please :D

Is his price the place that fighters first suggest when they begin negotiations? is there a place whee they al meet and say, "Dana wouldn't sign me for $blah blah!" or could Fedor legitimately ask based on past earnings??

Or is his asking price only about the reality of his ability :) and his attendant fame and capacity for selling PVPs for, eg., the UFC?

Fedor Emelianenko bimbos! I can't believe you're making me suck this shit up. Just answer the question?

how un funny.

So, is the guy German or Russian?

I remember that guy. He used to be pretty good, what ever happened to him anyway?

Indiana Jones wore a modified "Australian" model made on Savill Row.

 Kronk....thats who I was thinking of.

the fedor who is gonna make randy tap in less than 3 rounds ....

that fedor

You mean the guy who beat down the current UFC HW champ twice? That guy?

Well first you need to understand that MMA is a 'global' sport and is actually broadcast and watched by people who don't live in the States and/or have Spike TV.

That's right, they have money in Japan too! Crazy I know...

 hmm.. never heard of him.  I'm pretty sure I know everyone involved in mma.  Can't say that I've heard of this "fedor" guy.  is it short for fedora?

 you got to love the aura of strength presented by a nice hat!

Finally! Some reasonable human beings. Yes! That one!

So what do you think? Future bankability or past earnings?

Could someone please translate the OP to English?

i love how he was paid 100K per fight in Pride and now wants 2 Mil per fight.

Fedor is the Tyson of MMA, such a waste of talent.

CRE - Never heard of him, sounds farcical and inactive as a fighter?


That's odd. Someone with your screen name has created at least a dozen threads with the word "fedor" in the title.

'Never heard of him, sounds farcical and inactive as a fighter?'

I lol'd