Would you rather be Disease-proof or Hunger-proof?

Suppose you are impervious to any disease. AIDS, Ebola, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc, nothing affects you.

Or you never have to eat. You can eat but you can go your entire life without eating and be right as rain. Which would you pick?

Well eating is enjoyable and diseases are not so… yah ill go with no diseases. Also there’s an abundance of food…


Disease proof for sure.

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Hunger proof. I could move to the middle of the woods somewhere and not give a fuck.


Disease proof. Because I will still eat all the time, regardless of hunger.

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Does disease proof include alcoholism and heart disease?

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Lol well considering like 0.2% of people are anorexic in their lifetime compared with like 75% of population which is overweight or obese… i think people are fine with eating lol.

Yes. You can drink 110% proof alcohol with no liver disease and stuff your gob with fried hamburger meat with no damage to your heart.

Disease proof.

In America, there are people who go hungry, yes, but it is pretty easy all things considered to get food even if you are poor.

Being disease-proof would practically be a super-power,


Disease proof. I think I can have much more control of food in tough times than disease.

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Probably more fair if you say you can eat as much as you want and still be healthy, skinny, fit.

Disease proof. I dont want to turn gay.

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It’s too late for you bud.

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Disease proof

Why would anyone living in a first-world country pick hunger-proof?

You’d have to up the ante. Hungry-proof with your ideal perfect body vs disease proof but you will forever have have a fat slob body

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The hypothetical doesn’t include retroactive treatment so you’d still be gay