Would you rather have a dicknose or nosedick

You either have an 8 inch fat veiny cock as a nose. Or

You have a big fat Jewish shnozz between your legs.

You have to choose one or you get both!

So says the Genie of O’Lamp

Givin a whole new meaning to facefuck, on the face it goes

Do you have a cock on your face and still a cock between your legs?

Id take that. Would always have porn work with spinner chicks sitting on my face and riding at the same time.

What happens when I sneeze out my cock?

windsock GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

Why not both??

Would you rather have penis sized nipples or nipple sized penis?

You’re either smelling your farts constantly or having your own dick slapping your face anytime you turn your head. Terrible choices.

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I’d take the dick for a nose so I could eat a chick out and fuck her at the same time. I’d be an unstoppable orgasm machine

Big 8 incher on my face. I’d walk around on my hands, pants-less, and wear a Hawaiian shirt pulled over my legs.

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