Would you rather see the UFC

Every month on PPV, and have halfass card. Or every 2 or 3 months have a great card, with at least two title bouts per event.

I'd rather see a great card every 2 or 3 months.

any opinions?

Every day an option?

THP - Every day an option?

Im cool with that hahahaha...

Every month. I'll say it till the day I die:



 Every month, AND a great card.

They are making enough money and can sell enough paper views to up their roster quality, spend some dollars on higher quality fighters, and still put out a show every month.

The more the better. This last card was fairly weak on paper, with Carwin/Gonzaga and Maynard/Miller being the only fights I was really interested in, but it was entertaining start to finish. You never know what fights will be great, and you never know which nobody will be the next big thing.

 I would like to see more fights, a show per week would be great but it would be too expensive at the current prices. I'd like to see a UFN and a UFC PPV every month though.


the more the better no doubt about that between boxing and mma there is usually something every weekend now which is ideal for raking cash

I'd like to watch it as many times as I can

if that means UFC 95 on Feb 25th then UFC 96 on Mar 7th, so be it

i love the bitchers. back when mma was only on once a quarter, it wasn't enough, then once it got big, they'd do more shows, and now the shows are weak.

the only promise 5 fights on the ppv, so they need to have 5 solid fights, then they can do whatever wit hthe rest. sometimes the fight isn't that great, sometimes you get lawler vs riley or fisher vs stout 1.

i'll take as much as they wanna give.

the ufc is broadcasted free here, so i dont care either way

I don't know why you guys are saying he's bitching. He asked a pretty simple question.

I honestly don't know, but I will say this. As it stands now I skip certain ppvs that don't have a great card.

 Honestly, I would be happy with a weekly show on Saturday nites and then 1 major PPV per month!

I think its a bit far fetched for the UFC to expect great PPV #'s with Jardine headlining the main event.

They could have a PPV twice a day for all I care. I only watch the ones that interest me.

Besides, someone wants to watch them. The UFC seems to be doing an excellent job business wise and at the same time opening the door for new blood. I don't care what the UFC does, I'm still only going to watch the cards that interest me.