Would you recommend smoking?

I've never smoked in my life. Never had the urge. Didn't want to deal with the potential negative effects to my health.

but..the other day i was looking at some cigars (don't remember what kind)...and felt a very strong sense of curiosity to see what it was like to smoke one.

would y'all recommend satisfying that curiosity? if so..what's a good brand of cigars to try?

Yes. Macanudos, Padrones, CAO red's, etc. Ask the tobacconist questions. He will help you. That or the Don will have the boo kee yock whacked.

yes, what? you'd recommend goin' ahead and smoking?

Its really worth a try. If you don't like it, you aren't required to smoke more. Plus, a cigar isn't a cigarette, you most likely won't be inhaling. The occasional smoke isn't going to hurt your health.

ok, i have a very ...uneducated?...question.

how are you not inhaling?

i've always wondered that about smoking, regardless of what was being smoked. and since i've never tried anything....i don't understand the distinction being made.

a cigar is meant to be savored. Draw the smoke only into your mouth and enjoy the taste. A cigarette is only a nicotine delivery device. Meant to be brought into the lungs so it enters the bloodstream quickly.

ah. i see.

so are there any "good" cheap cigars i could start out by trying?

Punch Rothschilds probably offer the best bang for the buck, IMHO. They are nice cigars and VERY inexpensive. You can find them for under $4/stick...

i bought a punch gran puro this evening.

haven't given it a go, yet...but...another "naive" question...how exactly do you draw smoke into your mouth without "inhaling" any of it? or is that even possible?

lol nevermind...i googled it.

"Would you recommend smoking?"

-yes, and heavily.

"yes, what? you'd recommend goin' ahead and smoking?"

-exactly. try to work up to 2 packs a day and about 10 stoggies. it may sound daunting, but with a little work and dedication, you'll feel like you've been smoking your whole life.

once you've mastered smoking, you can move on to heavy drinking, compulsive gambling, and whores.

how did you like that punch gran puro? it might be a little strong for a first time smoker and we wouldn't want to lose a potential convert, so, maybe try a macanudo - they are very mild.

Ditto the macanudos

lol headcheese...not sure if you're being sarcastic or not...but i don't plan on being a babitual smoker or anything like that. just wanted to try something new, and see what it was like.

i did in fact enjoy the gran puro. managed to go through practically the whole thing. though, i don't intend to do it very often...i must admit it was a rather pleasant experience.

my only complaint is that the resulting odor took forever to fade from the room. lol

the lady at the store also recommended the macanudos. maybe i'll give one o' them a try sometime.

Fuente Opus X. I had my first one of these over the holidays and now I'm spoiled. Rotten.