Would you still watch UFC if Dana White was gone?

Hypothetically, lets say today Dana went on Sportscenter and was like "You know those WME are just bad guys, Lorenzo and I built this sport, the UFC is not going in the direction Lorenzo and I planned on, it's a weird time for sure"

How many of you would stop watching UFC if Dana was gone?

I believe the UFC without Dana White is like McDonald's without Ronald McDonald. It would be a damn shame!

Who knows Earth would stop watching a sport because a promoter wasn't around?

On earth*

My interest in the UFC since the sale has dropped dramatically, and if Dana was gone I probably would have no interest in the brand, just a handful of exciting fighters.

I watch for the fighters and the fights. I don't care who is there or not there any more as long as the fights are good.

Raistlin - Who knows Earth would stop watching a sport because a promoter wasn't around?
I don't know if the entire Earth would stop, but many people would...lol.

Depending on who replaces Dana, it might be a good thing. But I doubt WME-IMG's judgement.

Either way, like some other here, I watch based on the match-ups.

I'll still continue to watch, I just stopped paying to watch for quite some time now

Yeah, of course I'd still watch.

Probably watch it more.

lol wut?

I believe Dana hurts the UFC more than he helps

Although this thread was just a clever way to call Dana a clown there is a point to it.

Depends who replaces Dana. If it's someone that was involved in MMA for over a decade then it should be alright. Historical perspective would remain pertinent and one of Dana's best assets is that he has been involved hands on in MMA/UFC since the infancy of the sport.

If WME/IMG inserts a random suit/figurehead that lacks the same vision, passion, work ethic or relatability to commoners then that's bad news.

Dana is a pretty integral part of the UFC's business model so they would need a suitable replacement.

Yeah and if Goodell leaves then I'm done with the NFL too! It just wouldn't be the same.

Dana is not a fighter.

He fights? I've never seen one of his fights in all my years watching... Bloody hell. What's his record?

I don't listen to his press conferences and turn the volume off when he's on screen.

Yes, because it would likely be a major improvement for several different reasons

No, I wouldn't. The promoter is the only reason I watch the sport. I just fast forward the fights and wait for Dana's epic interviews. Dana is MMA. The rest is just filler until he opens his mouth.

Fuck yeah.

He wouldn't quit promoting of I quit watching.