Would You Support A Draft?

I'm very much for packing up and leaving Iraq today but in reality both President Bush and Kerry both plan on staying. Does anyone think we'll be over theyre any less then years? Everything I hear from Iraq screams that we're undermanned severely. I've heard far too many stories also of the Coalition being hindered by political reasons. If we're going to stay we need to quote a middle east analyst "make them believe that Allah is against them" by beating them down so bad. Forgive my ignorance as I'm a civilian and just wish for the best in a bad situation.

No way would i support it. I believe we're there for the interests of a very small minority of rich and powerful Americans. If the ceo's and other coorporate mongols believe so strongly in giving iraqis democracy, then their cowards asses should be doing it, not 18-26 year old men and women whom have little to gain given the trend of tax cuts and everything to lose.

Part of my unit is over there building barracks right now, so I'd say we will be there a bit.
Draft? well, I feel everyone should serve atleast 2 years in the military.

We don't need a draft right now. We wouldn't need one unless a third or forth front. The military has enough disgruntled people and/or shitbags without forcing people into it.

There will not be a draft. No one in the military's leadership wants one. The draft "issue" is just another Kerry tactic to get the ignorent to vote for him.

Here are some facts.

Every branch of the military is meeting their recruiting goals.

Soldiers are reenlisting in record numbers, especialy in deployed units.

The only proposal to reenstate the draft was put forth by Charles Rangel, who is a democrat.

The draft is a horrible idea. Like Matt said, noone in any senior leadrership position supports the draft. It would, IMO, be the absolutely worst thing that the politicians could do.

On the line I would rather have three troops who want to be in the military than ten who don't.

"Every branch of the military is meeting their recruiting goals."

The Army National Guard was short around 5,000 people last year. Or so I read in the AF Times.

H. R. 163

To provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes.

Defeated in House 402-2

When we head over in early spring I want to be surrounded by guys that want to be there with me, not by guys who are forced to be there.

I thought rich kids would use their parents influence to get out of the draft. At least that's what the Left says Bush did. What would be different now? More contradictions from the Socialists. If we did pack up and leave Iraq, radical Islamics would take over from the void left behind, that would be great for the US and our allies. I guess some people think that beheadings and stonings aren't bad things at all. Get real. Oh, I forgot, anarchy forever and all that crap. Yeah, right.

"The Democratic proposal of a draft wasn't just to increase numbers in the military. It was also to ensure that rich politicians have as much chance of having their kids going off to war as anyone else. That would make them think twice about starting a war."

Right. Lets sacrifice the military to make a political point. How fucking noble. Taken as a percentage of the population, how many "rich politicians" actually have draft age children? The actual effect of this proposal would be small in regards to having politicians with kids in the service. Plus, changing the entire concept behind the current military service model in the US because some scammer from NYC thinks Bush's kids should be in uniform is complete BS.

As another poster stated, I would rather have three well trained and well disciplined SOLDIERS standing with me than ten crappy draftees. The Iraqi Army we rolled through in a matter of days was primarily draftees. Not exactly a model to follow.

Kerry does want to increase the active duty force by 40,000 troops. They aren't going to magically appear. Sounds like Kerry is the one more likely to institute a draft now.

Couldn't say it better than Matt or whatever254. The military operates better with the all volunteer force than it would with a bunch of snivelers who do not want to be there.

If I were back in, there is no way I'd want to be anywhere near a draftee because I would not have the faith that he would be there if I got in trouble.

Funny thing is that those running around screaming that Bush is going to re-institute the draft are arrogant enough to think that the military would actually want them. Which obviously, it doesn't.

Funny that Kerry wants to increase the Army by 40000 troops, when it was his party who got rid of half of the standing infantry divisions we had(Clinton). Besides, the Army is already in the process of adding troops, he is just trying to jump on the bandwagon on that one.

"when it was his party who got rid of half of the standing infantry divisions we had(Clinton)"

I wonder how the hell that happened when President Clinton had a Republican Senate and House.

Actually, I try to support several drafts each weekend.

Trooper, if you didn't, you'd have to take off the wings...

Damn straight! =^p

"I don't know much about these matters but, wouldnt it make sence to increase military pay and benefits. "

that would cost a LOT - though the soldiers should have the highest pay & benefits that they can get - i dont think that it would be fiscally possible to increase pay and benies for the current soldiers and the incoming 40,000

cause the question then comes up, where does that money come from?

"but don't you think setting up a draft would be a major fiscal endeavor?"

there would be other HUGE costs to a draft and i am by no way advocating it...speficically the cost of the loss of business and productivity in the marketplace

"Our soilders do not get paid that much for the job they are doing, they deserve more imho. "

they certainly don't get paid enough, one way to guarantee that they wont get more money is when they significantly increase the size of the military

either way, its the people in the service that take the brunt of it...