Would you take a dive for 1 million bucks? Discussion by Ortega & Dillashaw

I think a lot of fighters would agree with that and have gone that route a long the way.

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Depends who I am I guess. If I’m a champion then no. Never

You can’t take money with you when you die. Legacy lives on though

Plus $1million really isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of everything


UFC doesn’t pay anyone

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I don’t think he should of mentioned that publicly. TJ had the right response.


Mark Coleman took a dive for 50 grand.


That was a fucking dumb move right there.


At the moment: I would suck that whole table full of dudes for a million. No homo, ofcourse.

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Ortega is just being honest with the question.

I bet if you push him harder to talk about it and think about it his true answer would have nuance and complexity.

To really answer the question, would you take a dive for a million dollars? You have to ask yourself these questions:

-who am I taking a dive against
-am I feeling 100%
-am I injured
-how much do I have in the bank
-do I need the money
-how bad do I want the money
-how old am I
-who’s paying me
-if Dana is paying me, has he promised me a rematch
-do I trust the person offering the money
-is it tax free
-what are the chances I’ll get caught
-how good of a lier am I
-can I act
-what will happen if I get caught
-what happens if I don’t take a dive, now I have to keep Dana’s secret
-can you say no

That’s just some questions off the top of my head that would come up in the decision making process.

Ortega is just being honest and basically saying he would consider it. I like to think what Ortega is saying is, there are some instances where taking a dive for a million dollars would be great, if you could get away with it.

Is it always a good idea to take a dive for a million dollars? No

Sometimes? No

Very rarely? Yes. Very rarely, it’s a good idea for a man in Ortega’s position to take a dive.

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TJ having more honor than Ortega was the funny part


Tj is a business man and Ortega is an idiot. Tj knows when you are a top contender like he and Ortega are continuing to win is worth more than a million and a loss is a big set back in your career. You can hear tj try and explain this and Ortega just says he’s never made a million for one fight. It’s not about one fight.


It comes down to: are you in it for money or in it to be the best.

The person that’s in it to be the best probably isn’t going to take the loss for anything. It’s impractical & illogical, but that’s the mentality.

Guy in it for money is like, hey I can come back from that & still maybe become champ one day & have an extra million in the bank.

Good observation.

Ortega is tough to listen to. Like a stoner 16 year old.


It’s not honor I don’t think. Tj is just a winner. Whatever it takes, fucking team relations up, doing steroids ect. He’s in it to win by any means necessary. People like that aren’t going to take a dive for a million.


It would make sense for someone like Ortega to take a dive but not someone like Ngannou.

He’s a tough person to read

Ortega sounds really dumb and really desperate for money, as in money definitely means more to him than honor. Tough to support that.

If I was a late notice replacement and was likely going to get my ass kicked anyway then yeh 100%.

If I was in an important fight with reputation on the line then no.