Would you take this MA job?

Say a local tae kwon do school offers you a $100,000/yr marketing job to promote their school. You can not turn it into a MMA school. You also have to take their classes once a week to better "sell" tae kwon do. Would you sell out and make $100,000/yr or stay loyal to MMA and keep your lower paying job?


This belongs in the "What If" Forum with Manny

LOL! isn't the legal working age 18 in alot of states? wipes out half the forum

Would I have to stop bjj/mma?

A job is a job, jump on it silly!!! Then you're "spare" time is .......


Besides, think of the neat stories you'll be able to come back here & share from you're "job".... heh heh

djones, MMA in your free time is fine.

Oh by the way, this is just hypothetical.

And besides then when some DIP SHIT from this forum comes into your Taekwondo school to talk shit you can choke him out with "Taekwondo."

Dude, most people would quit MMA for good for 100,000 a year.

$100 000!? Hell ya id sell out lol

Where do I send my resume?

How would you answer the question when people come in asking how good tae kwon do is for self-defense? Could you lie or would you be more creative?

Momita has sold out the correct.

Shit for $100,000 a year I would stack bb`s.