Would you volunteer for the U.S Armed Forces if Taiwan was bombed and invaded?

^that’s what the peasants are for! The Contemporary Nobility all have BONE SPURS!

…actually doesn’t Trump have a Purple Heart? He had it GIFTED to him or something?

Alright now I understand why you are shilling for China, you are a Biden guy

Sit down, faggot!!! Let men discuss war.

LOL fuck Taiwan, and all these other fucked up countries. I’m tired of spilling American blood for other countries problems.

No offense to our allies and enemies, but I wouldn’t give a single American life for a thousand of yours. Fight your own battles

didn’t vote for him LOL. I’m more of a Bernie/AOC chap but would maybe be interested in the possibility of a Mel Gibson Run :grin:

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The US military should never be in a place where we aren’t getting paid t o protect it

I picked yes so they could make me bust my shit windsprinting on rocks for no reason again like fucking retards. also it’d be funny that I’d make my chinese friends buy beer for me for defending their country