Would you vote for kaityn Jenner over the Dem candidate for CA GOV

s(he) is for trans girls not competing in womens sports
stopping illegal immigration and finishing the wall
lowering taxes
overall s(he) liked Trump and wants to emulate him if s(he) wins

but - (s)he obviously has some issues mentally…

Id support a can of soup over a democrat.

At least in an emergency that can of soup could actually feed someone.


Without hesitation.

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Based on the policies, I would have no problem voting for he/she.

Same here. Im not even sure Jenner really believes he is trans. I think there are some mental issues there related to being cucked by that succubus Kardaschian, but I almost think its more about taking back some media power and distracting from killing that lady in the car accident where he wasnt paying attention.

Either way, a politician should be viewed as their policy preferences, not their appearance. I wouldnt trust Bruce to watch my kids, but if the policy is better than his opponents, thats what he’s supposed to be there for.

He was already halfway a she when he smushed that lady with his truck and boat.

I expect that if he is elected, he’ll end up like Arnold. He’ll see just how hard it is getting anything through the legislature and focus his time on meaningless feel-good bills and doing photo opps.

Having said that, it’s better than anything we can expect from any California Democrat.

Absolutely just to watch the liberals be confused by wanting to elect a tranny but having that tranny praise Trump. I bet they start calling her Bruce and all hell will break loose. One step away from President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho!!!

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Better than anything else out there. And if you don’t look at the visual, the policy is on point.

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100%. (S)he is not my spiritual advisor. I vote based on policy, and my man Bruce has good policy.

So that’s the R’s on here

Now would any of our resident L’s (losers or libs. Same thing )

Like to chime in… is virus or PSL or orcus (whatever SN he is using) like to answer… and does not voting for jenner mean they are transphobic?


Of course, but I’d rather fuck Gavin Newsom.


I’m voting for her in the runoff this november. There isn’t a stand out republican candidate that the GOP will rally behind so that Faggot Newsom will easily win again.

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If she brings lower taxes, pro business/entrepreneurship policies, then yeah, I’d vote for her.

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Yeah, of course! He’s a shapeshifter and can look however you want!!!

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Yes, but the fact that a mentally ill dude in a dress is the one serious option against one of the biggest piece of shit, most corrupt politicians in our country shows how absolutely full retard California has gone.


Trade one mental defective for another?

I mean, it’s (Bruce Jenner) par for course out here, but just fucking once, can we not steer into the fucking skid? Just once?!



But he/him.

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This would be steering away from the skid, no?

Into the skid rights the ship…

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