Would you vote for kaityn Jenner over the Dem candidate for CA GOV

Or, in my analogy, keeping on the same fucked up path we started on, instead of a drastic turn away…

Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

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I vote for politicians based on their policy not on whether I like them or think their hair looks nice so absolutely

Caitlin…er, Bruce has achieved something before and can handle the media spotlight…4D chess!!!

For what I’ve seen of his policies, yes. I don’t have to agree with the mans stance on gender to agree with his stance on many other things.

Piece of shit killed a chick with his negligence. Fuck him and Newscum.

Cox all day baby,and all night.

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The hardcore leftists have already started talking shit about Jenner, saying how he/she is doing his/her community a disservice, doesn’t have their own best interests in mind, etc.
i.e. - the same shit they do ANY time a POC, woman, LGBT, or anyone else doesn’t toe the party line
Kinda like how it’s never Ok telling black people how to think because that’s racist…unless you’re a white liberal talking to a black conservative. Then the idea of racism is off the table.

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But whoever cuts their own dick off voluntarily has to have a screw loose somewhere… to each their own… its his life and his dick… but now Californians are giving him the keys to the castle.

If hes capable of making a decision like cutting off his own dick. What other bad decisions can he make. On the other hand… the dems are all bad decisions

That lady still has her dong. I hear it’s a big meaty fucker too.
Grande Medir GIF by Hidrogenesse

Shit, you’re right lol. That does make more sense.

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The Cox is still there… But it don’t do nothin no more…

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What kind of white person thinks discrimination against white ppl is a good idea? Damaged evil motherfuckers

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What kind of person thinks discrimination of any kind is a good idea?

The entire dnc apparently.

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I would vote for a poo flinging orangutan with downs syndrome over any Democrat

Its kind of the next evolutionary step after a narcissistic reality tv real estate developer proved he is more fit to lead and much better for our country than any of the DC swamp alternatives.

Hahaha yeah, the conservatives are gonna totally OWN the LIBS and show them THEY are the REAL transphobes!!!

Great job conserving traditional values you fucking useless idiots

I would, and I don’t even live there!