Would you want your kid to fight?

Would you really want to see your child fighting MMA?

Would you try to talk them out of it?

Would you try to talk your daughter out of it, but not your son?

My 4yo daughter's favorite t shirt is a "Future Fighter" t shirt I got at OTM. They just loved it when she showed up at her Baptist private school with it proudly on. She knows armbars.... :)

I'm going to start my boy is wrestling and some sort of martial arts very young, maybe 4 or 5. What he does from there is up to him.

wrestling or judo ..... no desire for him to do mma....

I don't have any children, and I don't know if I ever will (but then, I'm only 21). But I have just finished my eight year wrestling career, starting in high-school and continuing through university, and I had to go through each of those seasons with no support or encouragement from my parents, and knowing that they neither liked nor understood what I was doing. They watched maybe two of my matches in all that time. It fucking sucked, especially when I saw relatives coming to watch my teammates compete, travelling hours to attend matches. With that in mind, I would like to think that no matter what sport a son or daughter of mine might end up being interested in, whether it is fighting or some stupid ass sport I don't understand like golf or something, that I will wholeheartedly support and encourage them in it.

^ exact opposite for me....my parents only missed 2 events in  my life ...but the 2  events were outside USA...

I agree .....Parental support is huge...and I will support my kid no matter what he wants 2 do..

I just hope my son gets into it for the right reasons.

my experience is similar to qoelet. no parental support sucked. they didn't understand which is fine but what isn't fine is the lack of trying to understand or have an interest. we all have to learn at some point, right?

if my kid had passion in it and truly wanted to fight, i would support him 100%.

Of course it`s common knowledge that I live vicariously through my children.

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Daughter has known an armbar transition since she was 3 and picked up a couple of leglocks shortly after that.

I think she would be ok at it but haven't worked with her on anything for about 5 yrs now. Would rather her grow up to be a girly girl.

If she decided she wanted to do classes and fight later, sure, I'd be ok with it.

my son can do whatever he wants...so long as he studys and gets a decent  education

I think individual sports are great for kids...

my son can do whatever he wants...so long as he studys and gets a decent  education

I think individual sports are great for kids...

i have a lil girl and one on the way if they want to fight its there option and i will be here to support them. my lil girl is 18months and she punches and kicks the heavy bag every time she walks by it. ill call out 1, 2, 1, 2 kick and she does it. its the funniest shit to see.

My son has to fight, at least he does if he wants to eat that night and then sleep on a surface other than the basement floor.

^^^do you wet the floor down before he sleeps there?

no,just got him into it so he could protect himself.hes got offers and could make 135s,but got some bad mo fo's now adays at that weight.i dont want to watch my kid getting hit.

Absolutely not. He's not even gonna play football. Baseball and track for him. He's one now, he doesn't know any better.

In the past 6 years we have had over 100's of kids compete here: www.fightleague.org

Most are still doing well today.

If they chose to, I'd support them 100% but I'd much rather have them be doctors or businessmen. I'm definitely not pushing them to be fighters.

I would want him to train for self defense purposes.

Not to fight for a living.