Would you watch UFC PPV's......

in the theatre? This is obviously hypothetical, but on sports talk radio this morning, they were talking about the new NFL commissioner and the new ideas he is proposing. One idea was to bring NFL games in the theatres. Imagine that, the sound of hits, and the huge screen to catch the fast paced game on!

So what about the UFC, if the UFC ever brought PPV's to the theatre, would you go there and watch it, and what is the most you would pay for it? I know a lot of people pay 5 bucks to go to a bar and watch it, more thatn likely with poor sound and a poor view.

1080p or bust.

ttt 1080P broadcasts.... someday!

but no, I probably would not go to a theater to watch a ppv.

I don't know...I would imagine the crowd would be fucking obnoxious.

I would if it was a theatre that served beer. Live PPV's broadcast directly to a big screen in a theatre? As long as it was live, that would be cool with me. I like watching UFC's with other fans and in that case, you would definately know that everyone was there to watch the fights.

I agree, I would maybe go if beer was served, but judging from the price of popcarn and pop, it would be some spendy beer.

There's a place that has done that a few times in Central Iowa. I've been meaning to grab some people and road trip there to see what it's like, but I've never found the time.

fights and football are too long to be in a theater

ufc is going H.D starting with the next ppv!

It wont work. Delahoya fought Chavez the first time on closed circuit tv and it must have been a bust cuz we havent seen it again.

Ah! I found the info: http://www.billyjoes.com/special.html#1161032770

"On the movie screen. Door open at 7:15 pm. Buckets Beer on Special. Full Kitcehn Menu. Attentive Wait Staff. Best Seats In Town!!

Doors open at 7:30. Show starts at 9:00 come early to get the best seat. $10 Cover

$10 dollar domestic and Corona Bucket o' Bottles!!"