Would your traneing help you in a real fight?

For all you bros that trane ufc, how confident would you feel in a real fight? I've done bjj for almost 10 years, and while I'm decent on the mats, I get the feeling that I might get my face smashed in if I had to use my traneing in a real situation. I like to work my guard, but I would assume being on the bottom in a street fight is probably pretty dangerous. Thoughts?

Street fight = Anything goes

Tip: Don't pull guard in a street fight...it gives his friends too many opportunities to kick you in the head.

Best thing i learned training is that i dont know shit. And streetfighting is stupid. Video games are good for fighting against strangers. Phone Post

I'm good at keeping distance and landing kicks Phone Post

Yes. After seeing a few of my training partners simply destroy guys on the street.It was laughably easy for them. Disclaimer- they gave the guys every chance not to fight but the idiots kept pushing until it came to blows.

I feel confident. I have more tools than some random "street fighter". Punches, kicks, knees, elbows there's a lot more I can do than some windmill slugger. Phone Post

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Street fight = Anything goes

Tip: Don't pull guard in a street fight...it gives his friends too many opportunities to kick you in the head.

unless you're already on the ground

Yes it would help you in a fight. You should probably not pull guard, use your top control to pass guard and hold a person in full mount.

Of course it helps. Depending on your level, things slow down when you know what you're doing.

Sprawl and brawl would be the second best set of skills on the streets. With running fast being a distant first. Phone Post 3.0

I got into a streetfight with a neighbour intervening in his domestic with his wife.

All the time spent at the boxing club 100% absolutely helped and i feel very confident utilizing boxing training in a fight. Sucks that most fights rarely go down 1 on 1 though and all the training in the world is not going to be helpful in a situation when there is more than 1 attacker. Phone Post

Yes.  Any martial arts traneing will help you in a street fight.

It does not, in any way, guarantee success.

The majority, but not all street/bar fighters are "windmill, berserker, sloppy" fighters. 

Experience, enthusiasm, and full-tilt-boogie savagery are difficult to prepare for by sparring in a gym or dojo. 

I worked club security for 27-years.  Longer than many of you have been alive.  In some seriously unsavory joints.  I am very confident in a street/bar fight.  It happens to be my favorite activity on planet earth.

I am untrained and have crushed some guys that were highly-traned.  I've personally witnessed BB's (and hordes of other "tough guys") dick-tuck and disappear during ultra-violence.

I also know plenty of traned guys that could whoop my ass, all day, every single day, unless I got very, very lucky.  No question in my mind.  I'm sure there are plenty of well-traned youngsters, not even green names, on this forum that would whoop me.  *Sigh* dammit.  This forum is no doubt littered with well-traned and dangerous guys.  Some of whom are, IMO, very humble and understate their ability to win a street/bar fight.

Being on the bottom in a street fight is extremely, extremely dangerous.  Boot heels.  Steel toed boots.  Concrete or tile under your head.  Possible multiple opponents.  Head butts, eye-gouging, throat and groin attacks, and possible weapons.  Best to avoid your guard unless you are positive you have friends, who will in fact fight, watching your back.

For the most part, usually, I would bet my money on the dude with traneing.

I used back control and rnc to subdue and stop a street fight. He wouldn't stop pulling my hair (I have a Afro)... His friends were luckily on my side, and were telling him to stop. He let go of my hair after he made choke noises. He was promptly shoved in the back of his rides car and was gone. Phone Post

For street fights, strikers will have the biggest advantage. BJJ guys will have a tricky, risky fight.

Years back I was attacked on the street and I choked the guy out with a standing gulliotine...so i would say yes. Phone Post

Of course training would help as we all know that practice makes perfect. I've been in a couple of altercations and all I can say is if u train regularly everything is gunna seem slower, you know what it feels like to get hit so ur not afraid to square off and no fear of the unknown. and usually the other guy is just rushing u and throwing wide punches. I've never really seen a precision striker on the street. That's probably because most legit fighters have nothing to gain by fighting outside of the ring or cage. Jiu Jitsu is good defensively but it wouldn't be a go to kind of thing if u ha to protect yourself or someone else. There is too much danger on the ground in the street IMO Phone Post 3.0

I am quite confident my wrestling/cardio would help in a street fight. Not to mention, when you have felt the pain of eating a strike before, you are much more calm.

The way I see it going, takedown into any kind of submission. Hold it and tell buddy you will be taking that limb home if he doesn't relax. Of course if there are multiple attackers, I would say constant movement followed by head kicks would be the way to go haha.

10 years BJJ and you pull guard?
Jab,push kick,toss,mount,over. Phone Post 3.0

Yes , since I train Kung fu sansoo. All we train is eye pokes , neck shots and ball kicks lol but it's a street fight anything can happen. You should be able to gas out most people anyways. Unless your a bar with all pro fighters and shit goes down lol Phone Post 3.0

' if u train regularly everything is gunna seem slower'

With the situation i described it was so like this. This attempted swings with the weapon he had (a crash helmet) we so slow and when he rushed me he just stuck his head under my arm like he was asking for a choke...it all seened in slow motion. I was so calm and talked to him as i sank the choke.

Weird thing i got an adreniline dump about an hour later and just wanted to goto sleep. Phone Post

Affliction Blackbelt - I trane under legendary blackbelt Greg Gaggenwanker so there is very little chance of someone getting the upperhand on me in street showdown. In fact mere mentioning of my credentials is enough to cause trembles in the lower lip of my adversaries.

Ah yes, mr gaggenwanker how is he? Phone Post