Wounded Hero 5K honoring the 13 Military members lost in Afghanistan withdrawal

This org is flying the families out to Warminster, PA to be there. It is a car show, 5k run, and other activities.


Awesome & great cause! How do you runners maintain muscle doing so? I’d like to get back in it but always lose my guns.

I only run 2 miles a day. I just wanted to post this if anyone was interested in donating or attending the event since it was very cool of them to fly out the families. I messed up my ankle rolling a month ago so I won’t be running as I can barely walk at the moment.


Grappling isn’t easy on the body, that’s for sure…

My wife and I went to our local Vet owned coffee shop for Memorial Day, and it just so happened to be at the exact same time that some Afghan war vets were passing through doing their 22 mile Memorial Day ruck. They were carrying kegs from one of a local breweries location to another to represent carrying the fallen.

If you know my wife’s history with Afghanistan, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she almost fucking lost it. One of the soldiers knew her dad and was singing his praises to no end. It was extremely serendipitous and gut wrenching.


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